Wall Boxes & 2 Pump Panels

Rolla have been making wall mounting boxes for over 40 years. Constructed to be robust and sturdy (minimum 2mm steel), they find a use where a box off the shelf is just not good enough or where some special feature is needed, for example a specific paint colour or a specific size.

Designed and manufactured using the same process as all our other products, they are available in quantities from 1 to 100s, and using our CAD/CAM facilities means they will all be identical.

Here are a few recent examples:-

Painted in most standard colours.

Door punchings included (to your drawings).

Multi-starter compartments (2 pump panels) with internal segregation.

Top and bottom (or side) gland plates.

Wall mounting lugs - overlapping doors - triangle locks

Seperate doors - key locks.

Internal brackets.

Special plinth and lifting angles - bayed together.

Compliant with all the requirements of BS EN 62208.

Support frame welded and galvanised.

Sealed to IP54

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