Company Profile

Rolla Ltd is a private limited company within the Low Voltage sector of the Electrical Industry. Established in 1949 as a general sheet metal fabrication company, Rolla expanded into the manufacture of electrical enclosures in the 1970's, gaining A.S.T.A. certification for busbar systems at 50KA for 1 and 3 seconds, followed by 80KA for 1 second and now 100kA for 1 second in order to provide even the largest systems in the UK.

Our simple introduction to fault ratings can be found here.

In 1996 the first KATTA® systems were type tested at 26KA for 1 second. Subsequent tests at 50KA and 80KA enabled us to replace all our busbar mountings with the KATTA® product (which is also patented) thus enabling a fully recyclable yet high integrity product. This now extends to 100kA.

Rolla have a complete design and manufacturing facility on one 3,000 sq.m (33,000 sq. ft) site including sheet steel punching, folding and welding, copper punching and folding (all the above utilizing CNC machines).

Copper punching facilities CNC Copper Punching Machine

We manufacture our own busbar mountings on site (KATTA® system), worldwide patents pending.

katta busbar mountings
folded copper busbars
Rolla KATTA® Busbar Mountings
Folded copper Busbars ready for assembly

We have our own paint plant including wash/degrease/phosphate preparation stages, electrostatic powder coating booths and curing ovens. All components are subject to the same process, which is routinely tested via independent salt spray tests (eg ASTM B117).

Deliveries are made via our own vehicle where possible, using carriers for small parts or very large loads where necessary.

loaded wagon ready for despatch Rolla Delivery vehicle with folding crane fitted

Rolla supply direct to major system builders, control panel manufacturers and electrical contractors, who in turn supply completed and CE marked systems to various end user customers in the following sectors:-




UK and Overseas Steel Industries
UK & Overseas water companies
Ships & Offshore installations
Process & Chemical Industries
Oil & Gas Industries
Nuclear Industries
Power Generation
Food, Brewing & Distilling
Building Services

loading a completed board

panel during final assembly

Summary of Rolla Busbar systems:-

Current (A)
25kA 1 Sec
50kA 1 Sec
50kA 3 Sec
80kA 1 Sec
100kA 1 Sec

Quality Assurance

Rolla implemented a formal Quality Management System to BS5750 in the early 1990's, and gained A.S.T.A. QA certification in 1993. This was updated in 2003 to ISO9001:2000 and again in 2009 to ISO9001:2008.


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