Distribution Switchboards

Low Voltage Distribution Switchboards (sometimes called "Power Switchboards" or "Main Switchboards") are used as the electrical power distribution points in a building or process plant, normally at 400V to 690V and in current ratings from 100A to 6300A.

Rolla can provide a full range from 100kA at 6300A down to the smallest sub-distribution.

6300A 100kA LV switchboard with MCCB feeder section - bottom busbars, top cabling

All our products are short circuit and temperature rise tested to the latest standard BS EN 61439-2:2011 (IEC 61439-2:2011).

More details and examples can be seen here

Our range includes:-

DSB - 100kA up to 6300A LV Distribution Switchboard

Intrinsic 8 - 800 deep system, 80kA up to 3200A

Intrinsic 4 - 400 deep syatem, 50kA up to 800A

Power Distribution Units (PDUs)

Transformer Enclosures, close coupled (package sub) or separate

Changeover Systems

Busbar Bridge Units

Corner Units

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4000A 80kA switchboard

4000A 80kA Switchboard - ABB ACBs - energy from waste project

Our form of supply is the enclosure and integrated, fault rated, busbar system, plus we will fit any free-issue switches as required. All switches fitted by ourselves will be connected to the busbars with solid copper links to ensure the highest possible integrity. Our customers then fit the metering, controls and wiring to form the finished board.

We supply to a wide range of end users and industry applications. See our news page for more examples.

We fit a range of free-issue switches from major manufacturers including Socomec, ABB, Schneider etc.

IP ratings are from IP54 down to IP2X as required. We can also supply Infra-Red monitoring facilities to enable live inspections on a routine basis.

Various data sheets for our range of distribution switchboards can be found on our downloads page.