Rolla Laboratory

Rolla have designed, built and equipped a laboratory area specifically for Temperature Rise and High Voltage tests to BS EN 61439-1 & 2.

This is a secure, air conditioned room within the main factory, with its own electrical supply and able to operate 24hrs due to possible extended test requirements.

It contains test equipment capable of injecting up to 4000A 3 phase continuous current at low voltage, with up to 120 temperature measurement points continuously logged and stored on computer.

Current Injection Unit

Test at 4000A

4000A Three Phase Injector Unit
4000A Test
120 Channel Datalogger
Computer to display logged results
120 channel Datalogger unit
Test results on computer

By injecting actual current we can not only see the effects of the watts losses on the equipment temperature rise, we can also ensure that magnetic effects do not cause any other problems likely to affect operation in practice.

Having the laboratory in-house means we can use it for development work as well as final verification tests of major pieces of switchgear.

We can also carry out special tests on customers completed boards, after equipment has been incorporated

ACB Unit on Test
Calibration Equipment
ACB Unit on Test
Calibration Equipment
4000A test connections
Thermocouple connections to test unit
4000A Connections
Thermocouple Connectors

The injector units are also used for verification of ACB tripping characteristics and protection systems (Primary Injection Tests).

800A three phase injector
Test bench
800A Three Phase Injector
Test Bench and auxiliary power supplies
HV Impulse tester
Digital Storage Scope

12kV Impulse Generator

1,2/50uS waveform

Digital Storage Oscilloscope

for Impulse Waveform Capture

High Voltage tests in accordance with clauses 10.9.2 and 10.9.3 are carried out to verify new designs - we can do Power Frequency Withstand up to 5kV and Impulse Withstand up to 12kV.

These tests can also be carried out after incorporation of customers switching devices and wiring if required, complete with full test reports.

Rolla UCC temperature rise test

Rolla UCC undergoing temperature rise test.

More pictures below :-

800A test


800A test ongoing

Temperature logging equipment



Temperature logging equipment

12KV Impulse test equipment




Impulse test rack




Measurement Stack