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UCC4 Motor Control Centre

  Monday, June 25, 2018

The Rolla UCC4 Range - 400mm deep. Great for applications where you need a fully certified high quality Motor Control Centre Enclosure without bus bars (except the earth bar - this is always included). Key Benefits :- - Tested and certified to BSEN 61439 - Reduced footprint – only 400mm deep - Reduced cost (always a good idea!) - Segregated internal bus wiring chambers - Segregated internal control wiring / cableways - Variable section widths and heights - Chassis and doors punched to your drawings Sma.....Read More

Machinery Update

  Sunday, June 3, 2018

Our EM2510 punching machine from Amada continues to work well. This machine replaced both our old machines and enables punching of full size sheets (2500mm x 1250mm) without repositioning. Our punching record for an 8 hour shift is a throughput of 104 sheets of steel totalling 5.5 tonnes. This far exceeds the combined output of both the previous machines. Our CNC Router was upgraded to a new model including the offline programming system. Below is a picture of our EHRT copper punching machine. Fully automated with .....Read More