Our EM2510 punching machine from Amada continues to work well. This machine replaced both our old machines and enables punching of full size sheets (2500mm x 1250mm) without repositioning.

Our punching record for an 8 hour shift is a throughput of 104 sheets of steel totalling 5.5 tonnes. This far exceeds the combined output of both the previous machines.

Our CNC Router was upgraded to a new model including the offline programming system.

Below is a picture of our EHRT copper punching machine. Fully automated with 9 punching stations, we can process in excess of 6 tonnes of copper per day if required.

Machine capacity is up to 200mm wide, 20mm thick HDHC copper.

We have 3 general purpose folding machines from Amada and Safan, all programmable with automatic stops and integrated light guards. We also have a dedicated copper bending machine.