Over the last 12 months Rolla has continued to manufacture and deliver hundreds of projects for the water industry, one of those essential services that we rely on every day. Mostly hidden from view and often taken for granted, but we appreciate the effort that goes in to provide everyone with clean water and efficient water recycling over the whole country.

Rolla were also involved in projects for a wide variety of other industries that we all rely on including:-

  • Manufacturers of Paint, Tyres, Chemicals, Food & drinks, Steel, Precious metals and Paper
  • Mining & mineral processing
  • Oil & Gas
  • Data Centres
  • Land Drainage
  • Schools
  • Airports
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Several Hospital switchboards including one for a Helipad
  • A police Station
  • and unusually, a ship canal

In the energy sector projects included:-

  • The power distribution network
  • Conventional Power Generation
  • Hydro Generation
  • Energy from Waste
  • Nuclear

Rolla also supplied equipment for export to:-

  • Saudi Arabia
  • The Falkland Islands
  • Morocco
  • West Africa

From single small wall boxes to the largest systems this year (100kA, 6300A) every project gets the same care and attention to ensure a happy customer, all compliant with IEC61439-1/2 of course.

During November we passed our 3 year recertification audit to ISO9001 so now have over 30 years of formal QA/QMS certification, over 40 years experience of high power short circuit testing and over 70 years of manufacturing.

We didn’t do this alone though and always aim to foster long term relationships with both suppliers and customers in the spirit of mutual co-operation and respect. Thank you to all we work with.