Rolla is proud to have been involved with a major UK water infrastructure project, the largest ever undertaken by one of the UKs largest water companies and currently nearing completion.

Driven by population increase the project is designed to provide greater resilience and also increase water supply capacity by 130 million litres per day to over 1.2 million customers.

The project involved the construction of many miles of new underground pipeline and a complete new treatment works along with other projects on numerous connected sites.

Rolla has supplied all the main Motor Control Centres to our customer who then carried out all the wiring and system integration. There are some impressive statistics for a single project in a short time frame:-

18 separate Motor Control Centres over several major sites with an overall length totalling 220m, incorporating 21 Air Circuit Breaker sections and 6 external bustrunking runs to link different MCC sections together (bustrunking integration provided by Rolla).

10 of the largest MCCs were rated at 4000A and a fault level of 80kA, the smaller MCCs were rated at 50kA.

A further 10 bespoke UPS system enclosures were also built with an overall length of 21m to ensure no power interruptions for the control and monitoring systems.

The Motor Control Centres included 5 large variable speed drives over 250KW, 74 smaller variable speed drives, numerous power factor correction sections, power quality sections and many other motor starters and feeders.

All sections were delivered on time to ensure the construction programme was met, despite the challenges they faced over the last 2 years.