Certified to the requirements set out in BSEN60439-1:1999 and IEC61439-1&2:2011

Some of the short circuit tests carried out over the last 20 years are listed below.


Tests at 100kA

KEMA 5287-17 DA1 Switchboard including Siemens WL III ACB      
ASTA20099 DSB Switchboard including ABB ACBs and MCCBs 27/05/2014


Tests at 80kA

ASTA20229     DSB including ABB E2.2 + OS Fuseswitches            
ASTA15307 Through Fault/Withstand Merlin Gerin 2500A ACB 27/11/2002
ASTA14845 K80ATTA System – 90 deg. Corner Unit 09/10/2001
ASTA13703 K80ATTA System 05/10/1998
ASTA12888 Rolla TTA droppers 19/02/1996
ASTA11558 Form 4 Dist. Switchboard 10/10/1990


Tests at 50kA

ASTA19860                UCC including ABB E1.2, XT4, T5, T6 MCCBs 18/11/2013          
ASTA18359 KATTA Intrinsic + Terasaki 1600A + Socomec 200/400/630A 21/12/2011
ABB-LBRP9255-00 Utility Control Centre including E2 Incomer 08/06/2009
KEMA2030626.01 Through Fault Fuse Switches – Socomec 400A-800A 22/05/2003
ASTA15307 Through Fault Merlin Gerin 1250A MCCB 29/11/2002
ASTA15307 Withstand Merlin Gerin 1250A ACB 27/11/2002
ASTA15261 Rolla External Cover Earthing System + Fuse Switches – Socomec 20A-400A 14/08/2002
ASTA14955 K50ATTA System Incl. Earth Bars 19/10/2001
ASTA14612 K50ATTA System – 90 deg. Corner Unit 04/10/2000
ASTA14168 K50ATTA Integrate 620 (1250A) 05/10/1999


Tests at 25/26kA

ABB-LBRP9255-01 Utility Control Centre including X1 Incomer                               08/06/2009     
ASTA14170 K26ATTA Dedicate 600 (400A + 630A) 15/09/1999
ASTA12993 K26ATTA System 20/09/1996


Plus many others back to 1978

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