Data Centres & Distribution Switchboards

Low Voltage Distribution Switchboards (sometimes called "Power Switchboards" or "Main Switchboards") are used as the electrical power distribution points in a building or process plant, normally at 400V to 690V and in current ratings from 100A to 6300A.

Rolla can provide a full range from 100kA at 6300A down to the smallest sub-distribution. We have been supplying switchboards for use in data centres for over 30 years. Here are a few recent examples.

4000A 80kA Switchboard - ABB ACBs - energy from waste project

Main switchboard complete with close coupled HV transformers (package sub).

Switchboard during installation - raised flooring not complete.

View from the transformer end of a sister switchboard to the above.

Generator switchboard now installed in Dubai (Telecoms Building - Burj Dubai).

Multiple switchboard output feeder sections - all Form 4.

Auto changeover section (mains/generator) but also including manual bypass switch and manual changeover to an alternate external generator.

Colour coded sections of a main switchboard. The colour coding runs through the whole scheme down to rack level.

Grey colour indicates that the section could be fed from more than one supply source.

Colour coded PDU's for the final distribution to local rack supplies. Still Form 4 segregation (high integrity).

Small switchboard but still incorporating multiple supply sources.

Switchboard with essential feeders coloured red to indicate they should not be switched off lightly (e.g. supplies to fire pumps, security system etc).

Our form of supply is the enclosure and integrated, fault rated, busbar system, plus we will fit any free-issue switches as required. All switches fitted by ourselves will be connected to the busbars with solid copper links to ensure the highest possible integrity. Our customers then fit the metering, controls and wiring to form the finished board.

We fit a range of free-issue switches from major manufacturers including Socomec, ABB, Schneider etc.

IP ratings are from IP54 down to IP2X as required. We can also supply Infra-Red monitoring facilities to enable live inspections on a routine basis.

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