Form 4 Segregation of Low Voltage Switchgear & Control Gear Assemblies to BS EN 61439-1 & 2

Many manufacturers offer different solutions and products which meet the requirements of the standard but not all products should be compared like for like.


Whilst Form 4b segregation can be achieved, in a “Group Mounted” solution, the spirit of the standard’s original intentions can be lost or easily glossed over.


We at Rolla believe the “Compartmentalised” approach to be the “True Form 4”. This provides steel barriers as a means of separation in addition to the device case, thus preventing a fault in one compartment damaging adjacent equipment.


At Rolla our products offer the benefits of a “True Form 4” solution.

Form 4 Withdrawable


    • Segregation between devices with steel barriers more suited to applications which have supply PSSC > 10KA (17KA peak), usually main switchboards rather than sub distribution equipment.


    • Individual access doors which can be interlocked with the distribution device. This ensures SAFE operator access, for whatever reason with the rest of the switchgear assembly still energised.


    • Flexibility in device & equipment selection which can be mixed between toggles, motor operators, handles, plug-in MCCB’s, fuseswitches, surge protection, controls, telemetry, auto changeover etc. etc.


    • Scalable solutions from 50KA, 800A up to 100KA, 6300A. 3P, 3P+N or 4P.


    • Wider choice of equipment manufacturers. Rolla currently can offer mix & match type tested solutions with ABB, Schneider, Socomec, Terasaki & Siemens.


    • Fully welded factory built assemblies, unlike flat pack solutions, ensure there is no delegation of responsibility for compliance to product standards.


Any organisation operating a recognised quality assurance system compliant with ISO9001:2015 will be aware of the shift towards the ethos of risk based analysis. Purchasing new or replacement switchgear equipment is a major capital investment with a long term legacy for most end users. They expect lasting, reliable, uninterrupted service from their investment which can also grow & adapt to their possible future needs.


So, make your own risk based analysis and decide which solution is best for you.

Is JUST good enough REALLY good enough?


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