Rolla Utility Control Centre (UCC)

High Quality, competitive by design to BS EN 61439-2:2011

For many years Rolla have been supplying the system/panel building industry with High Quality Motor Control Centres, many of which are an important part of the UK Water Companies Framework Agreements.

With cost savings firmly in mind we drew on our experience in this market sector and developed the Utility Control Centre, carrying out a full range of tests to verify the system to the new standard.

This highly competitive Motor Control Centre incorporates all the requirements of the industry while maintaining the high quality of build that Rolla is renowned for.

Available with individual droppers per section or as a shared dropper option.

Front Access or Rear Access, Form 4 Type 2 or 3 by default (other options available).

Ratings from 400A to 2000A in standard size units, buswired version also available only 400mm deep - UCC4.

(Other versions are also available up to 6300A and 80/100kA).

Tested at 25kA and 50kA as standard, tests include Phase, Neutral and Earth Bars for 1 Second.

Tests include devices from ABB, Merlin Gerin (Schneider), Socomec and Siemens.

All tested at 25/50kA Prospective (Icc), including Rolla Neutral Links

Design Verifications required based on Table D1:-

 Description of Characteristic   Verification   
 Description of Characteristic   Verification   

 Resistance to corrosion



 Internal electrical circuits and



 Resistance of insulating materials to

 normal heat



 Terminals for external conductors


 Resistance to abnormal heat and fire

 due to internal electric effects

Rolla   10.9.2 


 withstand voltage

10.2.5  Lifting Rolla   10.9.3 

 Impulse withstand voltage



 Degree of protection of enclosures



 Temperature-rise limits



 Clearance and creepage  distances



 Short-circuit withstand strength


 Effective continuity between the exposed

 conductive  parts of the ASSEMBLY

 and the protective circuit



 Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)


10.5.3  Effectiveness of the assembly for external faults Rolla  


 Mechanical operation



 Incorporation of switching devices and components



Motor Control Centres (MCC) are used to centralise the distribution of power and control to motors in the process industries. They comprise a sheet steel enclosure, a busbar system for the power and multiple compartments for the different control components. Rolla Ltd generally provide enclosures which are full height (over 2m) and contain an ASTA/KEMA certified Fault Rated Busbar system, are segregated to Form 4 of BS EN 61439-1 and are sealed against personnel access for safety. We also cater for small projects where busbars are not required with our 400mm deep UCC4 system.

Our Busbar systems are rated and certified up to 690V AC as standard but are usually connected to a typical LV network of 400V 3 Phase nominal. Neutrals are normally fully rated. Specialised voltages may also be used on some plants or offshore platforms.

Each MCC will have one or more incoming supply sections which are typically rated from 250A upwards, and multiple starter or drive sections as required for the duty. Other sections to be incorporated may include Power Factor Correction (PFC), SCADA, ICA, Telemetry, PLC, Small Power Distribution, Corner Units, Transformers etc. all as required for the particular project.

Incomer sections, including changeover systems, are usually fitted with free-issue devices including ACB’s, MCCB’s and fuseswitches, connected to the busbar system by Rolla, in accordance with our type tested arrangements.

Starter compartments contain all the protection and control gear for a single motor (Form 4), and can be either fixed pattern or withdrawable. Multi-compartment starters (group starters) are also used where lots of small motors need to be controlled and the Form 4 requirement can be relaxed.

Boards can be supplied with corner units and bridge sections for use where space is restricted - we have ASTA certificates at both 50KA and 80KA for such sections.

Withdrawable units are used to save space and improve maintenance times on critical items of plant. We usually provide the trays pre-punched for the appropriate isolating device so that it lines up with the door handle, and any other punchings as required for the project.

Our withdrawable trays are equipped with 3 phase incoming power connectors at 130A, and either 50A or 130A outgoing connectors for DOL or Star-Delta starters. We also include 10, 20 or 30 auxiliary connectors rated at up to 20A.


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